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Voice Coach

Students both professional and non-professional

- preparing for an audition or focusing on a specific problem area

- just exploring your potential

Voice lessons assist with:

- repairing vocal injuries

- eliminating fatigue or recurring laryngitis

- accent reduction

- proper articulation of English

Reiki Therapist

• Registered Practitioner with the Canadian Reiki Association (08-056)
• A student of Transense and the Usui natural healing method.

Using sound with therapeutic touch has been helpful with people

- who want to separate quietly from stressful corporate reality

- who wish to relax and deepen their personal inner journey

- who are experiencing end-of-life illnesses

- who are care-givers in any profession

Health & Wellness

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Soundwork Therapist

Music as Medicine
SoundWork as a healing modality allows clients to explore and work through personal issues through the process of making or receiving sound. Studies support the positive impact of music on the brain including one’s ability to learn and improve cognitive functions, and, access and articulate thoughts, images and stories from the unconscious, that otherwise may not be heard or recognized.

Soundwork Provides a Unique Component
- in private counseling
- for corporate team building
- at community gatherings


Celebrating the Wintr Solstice with Gary Diggins BigBeat


Soundwork Practitioner

hazel incorporates her voice and the use of world instruments (hand drums, tanpoori, kalimbas, didgeridoo, native flute, crystal and Tibetan bowls) into beautiful sonic rituals where the client participates in the sounding process. Depending on need, she works alone or with a team of professional Soundwork Practitioners. Sound offered in this way opens up meaningful energies within oneself and between participants.

Areas where SoundWork is used


- new relationship
- new career path
- new child

- letting go
- closure
- moving forward

Rites of Passage & Special Celebrations
- turning point in life
- clearing of negative energy
- welcoming in a new essence

Team building
- fun, energetic, sensitive
- great way to bond with colleagues

Community gatherings
- a mindful presentation
- lots of interaction



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